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RSU 19 Adult Education

Personal Enrichment

Backyard Composting


with Kate Garland

Calendar Apr 25, 2018 at 6 pm

Learn how to compost your kitchen scraps, yard and garden debris and lawn clippings into "black gold." Making and using compost not only reduces the trash going to the landfill, it also is an environmentally sound way to amend your garden soil.

Basic Fly Casting


with Kevin Tracewski

Calendar Apr 21, 2018 at 9 am

The goal of this course is to provide students with the casting skills necessary to fish effectively on your own. This is a “hands-on” course, so your time will be spent with a fly rod in hand, working on your own casting. Most instruction will be done in small groups, but casting suggestions will also be offered on an individual basis. Videotape analysis of your casting stroke will be provided. Students are encouraged to use their own fly rod and reel, but equipment will be available for anyone who needs it. Please do not buy new equipment just to take this course. This course is taught by Kevin Tracewski, a certified fly casting instructor and author of the best selling book, A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine.

Boston Quincy Market Trip
Registration Unavailable

Boston Quincy Market Trip


with To be announced

Calendar May 12, 2018 at 7 am

Get your friends together and come join us for a one-day trip to Boston on Saturday, May 12. The $79.00 fee will include roundtrip motor coach transportation from Newport to Quincy Market. Once there, you will have 6 hours to tour the City, visit historical sights, go shopping or dine at restaurants of your choice and at your leisure. You don’t have to worry about paying tolls, driving down and back or finding a parking spot in the city! Space is very limited, so register early if you are interested. We will arrive in Boston at approximately 11:30 a.m. and will be leaving Boston at 5:30 p.m. exptected to arrive in Newport at 10 p.m

Dress Shirt Apron


with To be announced

Calendar May 7, 2018 at 6 pm

Come to a one night project and make a dress shirt apron just in time for Mother's Day! You can bring your mom and make it together or just come alone and make it for yourself. Just bring a Man's dress shirt and our instructor will show you how it is done!

Gender in the Classroom for Parents
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Gender in the Classroom for Parents

TBA Help your son or daughter learn more, and succeed more, in school.  Discover why girls waste 30% of their study time, why boys get worse grades than girls, why boys do less homework than girls, and the 5 learning habits girls get in school that hurts them in the workplace. Discover how males and females learn differently. Take away tips for helping your daughter and/or son learn more, and tips to help him and/or her succeed more in school. You’ll also discover something new about you learn too! Get info not available anywhere else.

Hoop Dance


with Trish Hayes

Calendar May 3, 2018 at 5:30 pm

HoopDance is a fun low-impact cardiovascular workout that strengthens core flexibility, balance, self image and reduces stress. In this beginner’s class you will learn the foundation of HoopDance, hooping around the waist, hips, legs, chest and shoulders. You will also begin to move with the hoop and perform simple dance sequences. Hoops are provided for use during class and available for purchase. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move freely

Intermediate Watercolor


with Obrianna Cornelius

Calendar Apr 23, 2018 at 4 pm



In this intermediate level class, we will move beyond the basics of watercolor. We will move on to the more specific elements that build up a watercolor landscape. Each class we will cover one element from skies, to foliage, to rocks to water. This class is ideal for any watercolor artist who wants to take his landscape painting to the next level. 


Shopping List

Must have by the first class

 Masking Tape, Watercolor Paints, Canson Watercolor Paper 9x12, 140lb, Cup or Jar to hold water, Watercolor brushes, Pallete with enough wells to hold all the student's paints, Pencil, Ruler, Paper towels for cleaning up

 Not required items, but these are helpful and fun to have:

Extra brushes,Board to stretch paper onto and for transportation, Portfolio case, Artist Sponges, Scissors, Erasers, Sketch book, Micron Pens for inking and/or signing artwork.

Intermediate Watercolor


with Obrianna Cornelius

Calendar Apr 23, 2018 , runs for 6 weeks

If you have taken the Introduction to Watercolor class with this instructor then this is the follow up class for that. You will have a little more time to explore your painting and grow your creativity

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